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NED Alumni Association Canada (NEDAC) was formed in 2006 to provide a platform for NEDUET’s alumni in Canada to engage with each other and in turn support the growth of the network. With more than 700 members, NEDAC is today the largest alumni association of a Pakistani educational institution outside Pakistan. NEDAC has been known as one of the most vibrant and influential alumni associations in Canada. Since its inception, NEDAC has continually evolved to align with the needs of its members and the changing dynamics of the environment we operate in, spearheaded by advancements in technology. This has been made possible by the ongoing commitment and dedication of its members and leadership. NEDAC operates under a board of directors.
Board members are selected through an election. The selected board forms different committees either from inside or outside of the board to run its operation. Each of the committees sets out targets and work together to achieve them. The focus of NEDAC has been to support all alumni in Canada in forming their career paths in their fields of interest. The Association’s Career Guidance Committee continues to provide mentorship to our members to help them with job search, skills upgrade, and obtaining professional designations. In addition, NEDAC holds multiple events in a year. From technical seminars and webinars to traditional festival celebrations, annual dinners, musical evenings and sports events, it aims to offer diverse programs to our members.
We believe that a strong alumni body emanates from a strong student body. NEDAC has always placed great importance in giving back to the institution that has played a vital role in the lives of its alumni. NEDAC has been providing several scholarships to the brightest NED students on need-cum-merit basis. With the generous support of the members, we also plan to increase the number of scholarships awarded every year. Taking advantage of technology, we are working on knowledge sharing and the professional development of our engineers. NEDAC takes keen interest in building strong relationships with academia, other alumni networks in the Greater Toronto Area and NEDUET alumni around the globe. NEDAC remains in close contact with NEDUET, collaborating with them to explore new venues of career building and skills enhancement of students.


NEDAC is one of the largest alumni associations of any Pakistani institution in the world. It has over 700 active members and growing fast.


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