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The board of directors at NED Alumni Canada is the driving force behind the initiatives to help members connect and grow. They provide strategic leadership and act as the primary liaison with NEDUET. New board members are elected at the end of every term through a voting process prescribed in the bylaws.

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Nazli Khan


Batch: 1984-85 (Civil Engg.)

Nazli Khan, an Associate with Entuitive Consulting Engineers has more than 25 years of diverse portfolio in structural engineering with expertise in tall buildings. She is well known for her technical acumen. Nazli is passionate about building strong relationships, a seasoned team leader and an avid mentor.

Arshad Azhar


Batch: 1979-80 (Civil Engg.)

Arshad is an internationally recognized and certified transportation engineer. He has expertise in geometric design, intersection including roundabout design, traffic engineering, roadside safety and safety audits. Arshad has been the contributor of Canadian geometric/roundabout design guides and Ontario traffic manuals.

Karamat Ullah


Batch: 1970-71 (Electrical Engg.)

Karamat Ullah has more than 35 years’ experience in project management in the construction of pumping stations, power plants, transmission lines and shopping malls. He is at the forefront of distributing scholarships to deserving students of NEDUET. As a retired professional, he actively volunteers in the community.

Saima Gillani


Batch: 1992-93 (Civil Engg.)

Saima Gillani has almost two decades of experience in the real estate industry, specializing in GTA and surrounding areas. She started her career at Caltex Oil as Designer Engineer after graduating from NED. In Canada, she started a successful career as Real Estate Agent. Saima has helped many NEDIANS in buying homes in Toronto.

Khalid Hussain


Batch: 1982-83 (Mechanical Engg.)

Khalid Hussain has been serving the power generation industry (traditional and renewable energy) for more than 3 decades. His expertise is in technical sales and marketing, business development, customer services, and project management. He worked with many multinational power-gen OEMs globally, in Canada and Pakistan.

Islam Nabi Khan


Batch: 1970-71 (Mechanical Engg.)

Islam Khan has more than 20 year’s of management level experience in oil industry. Currently working in AGF-Rebar for more than 20 years in Production, Sales and now in Finance department as Lead AR. He is passionate about volunteering work and involved in many volunteer organizations.

Shahid Chishty


Batch: 1983-84 (Electrical Engg.)

Shahid Chishty is a Professional Engineer working at Ontario Power Generation (Nuclear) for the last 20 years in technical and management roles. He has also worked in corporate marketing and power systems design and commissioning for multinational companies. He actively provides mentorship and guidance to engineering professionals.

Nadia Zia


Batch: 1987-88 (Civil Engg.)

Nadia Zia, a certified Project Management Professional has over 15 years of experience in management of projects. Amongst her many skills, her outstanding ones are: team leadership, organizational skills and creative and critical thinking.

Naila Jamil


Batch: 1984 Second Shift (Civil Engg.)

Naila has over 20 years of experience in infrastructure design and development. She worked in numerous engineering/consulting firms on projects like storm water management, road and parking lots construction, and land development for construction sites. She was also involved in designing tunnels for LRT system in Toronto and Calgary.

Adnan Ahmed


Batch: 1987-88 (Electronics Engg.)

Adnan Ahmed has over 20 years of experience working in Pakistan and Canada. He has diverse expertise from industrial sales to product support, as well as project coordination.

Khalid Nazim


Batch: 1985-86 (Mechanical Engg.)

Khalid Nazim is a versatile business leader with global work experience and demonstrated success in multiple domains of smart buildings technology, operations, project management, engineering management, solution & system design, business development, sales and marketing support and procurement.

Junaid Akhtar


Batch: 1985-86 (Civil Engg.)

Junaid is working as Project Manager with the Ministry of Transportation. He has versatile experience in different disciplines of civil engineering. Junaid is also a well known poet, author of a poetry book titled “Soda-e-Sukhan”.

Ammar Baligh


Batch: 2005-06 (Civil Engg.)

Ammar Baligh is a Civil Engineer with more than 10 years of profound experience in ICI construction and related consultancy. He has hands-on experience in modern construction technologies which are currently being practiced in Canada. He is an enthusiastic participant in all volunteer activities, working towards wellbeing of alumni in particular and the community in general.

Jamil Malik


Batch: 1972-73 (Mechanical Engg.)

Jamil Malik has more than 25 years of project management, contract management and supervisory experience in the field of oil and gas and petrochemical site construction, revamping and commissioning. As a retired professional, he actively participates in volunteer work.

Ursula N. Abbas


Batch: 2002-03 (Electronic Engg.)

Ursala Nazar Abbas is involved in the field of lighting, power and systems design. She has experience in electrical design for industrial, commercial, residential as well as new sub-divisions.

Farzana Anbrene


Batch: 1984-85 (Civil Engg.)

Farzana did work in a private consulting firm before immigrating to Canada. She has served the community for the last 20 years by organizing fundraising events and participating in non-profit organizations.

Farrukh Karamat


Batch: 1981-82 (Electrical Engg.)

Farrukh Karamat works in the real estate brokerage business. Previously, he worked at Siemens Pakistan and Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) in planning and project implementation areas, respectively. In 2010, he was elected as an Executive Board Member at NEDAC and in 2014, he became the Finance and Membership Secretary.


NEDAC is one of the largest alumni associations of any Pakistani institution in the world. It has over 700 active members and growing fast.


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